Get Clean Services utilizes the industry's best practices and established methods of professional cleaning and augments them with cutting-edge innovations to exceed today’s hygiene standards forged by the health crisis. Championing a data-driven approach to janitorial services, Get Clean Services provides your business with an elevated, measurable method of cleaning with a focus on thorough disinfection and sanitization to keep businesses safe for your employees and open for your customers.

We understand that safety is everyone's top priority during this time, and our goal is to achieve, maintain, and sustain an environment that gives everyone—employees, customers, and communities alike—peace of mind. We partner with your business to develop a written scope of work and mitigation plan that increases critical cleaning frequency and provides measurable results.

Janitorial companies are at the forefront of the health crisis and proper cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection is more crucial than ever. Let us use our 100+ years of combined leadership expertise to help you navigate these unprecedented times.

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We understand the primary goal of any business is to be able to keep their doors open safely. Get Clean Services is here to become a part of your team and provide the expertise and guidance needed to help you navigate this health crisis and make sure your facility is compliant with the disinfection and safety guidelines provided by the CDC, OSHA, and Federal and State governing bodies. Our goal is to help you stay safe, stay open, and get clean.

Identifying common facility touchpoints
post-COVID reopening


1. Evaluate & Educate

We serve our clients as an all-purpose resource for janitorial service, facility maintenance, and COVID related guidance on how to maintain a safe and compliant facility. Most importantly, we become a part of your team. Right away our experts work with your team to conduct a deep-dive site assessment to develop a tailored cleaning plan that tackles the problems your business is facing. Augmenting traditional scopes of work to prioritize focus on touchpoints and high-contact areas is baseline in our response as consistent and thorough disinfection procedures are key in reducing the potential of disease transmission. We also take the wheel in navigating COVID-19 guidelines specific to your state’s regulations to ensure that compliance is maintained.

2. Enhanced cleaning & Disinfection

Depending on your facility, contamination of frequently used areas can happen at any time throughout the day as customers and staff come in and out of the building. Utilizing EPA and CDC approved chemicals and disinfectants our teams work with you to establish higher frequencies of regular cleaning and disinfection to mitigate exposures and contamination. Adoption of deep clean practices into everyday procedures is vital in achieving a higher quality of clean for touchpoints and high-use areas throughout your facility. We partner with industry leading chemical manufacturers and technology developers to provide best-in-class solutions to mitigate COVID-19 and other dangerous pathogens that threaten your facility.

3. COVID response & remediation

Our emergency cleaning response personnel have all received in-depth training in the areas of disinfecting and sanitization procedures, hazardous communications, respiratory protection plans, infection prevention, and proper PPE usage. COVID-19 response teams are dispatched immediately in the event of a potential exposure at a facility to perform deep cleaning disinfection on all accessible surfaces throughout the building. Electrostatic spraying, intermittent fogging, and robotic cleaning solutions are all supplementary cleaning methods used to enhance our response if necessary for your facility.

4. Longevity Planning & Implementation

Once a clean environment is achieved, we prioritize implementing actionable steps and protocols to maintain the safety of your facility moving forward. Our ultimate goal is to help you sustain these solutions in the long run and mitigate any issues that fall within our realm of expertise. To do so, we aim to make cleanliness and safety a part of your long term business plan that becomes a part of your workforce's culture. We aim to assist beyond COVID response, becoming your partner in creating long term solutions for the problems you’re facing now—helping you stay clean today to stay safe tomorrow.


We understand the stresses that come with navigating the pandemic and we are here to help. Achieving a clean facility is not just about optics but is a matter of public safety which can weigh heavy on businesses. We are janitorial professionals whose purpose has always been to protect the public from harmful bacteria and viral agents like COVID-19. Trust Get Clean Services to become your partner and help protect your facility so that you can get back to business.

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