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As stewards of our community we take great pride in our duty to deliver and maintain a safe environment for our employees, our customers, and the public. Our leadership team is comprised of industry experts that serve in a variety of capacities throughout the janitorial and sanitation industry, actively participating in think-tanks, advisory boards, and expert panels to further our knowledge and share ideas within the industry to better protect those we serve. Get Clean leads the industry in technology and innovation, and understands the value and security it can bring to our customers and employees. 


Our People

People are the heart of Get Clean. Our team attunes to a philosophy that promotes diversity, inclusion, and equanimity across our company. We take great pride in our team, and strive to maintain an environment that promotes opportunity and rewards innovation across the board.

Get Clean employs policies that aim to empower women in the workplace, and cultivate an equitable environment that champions diversity in leadership roles throughout the organization. We understand the challenges presented to women and minorities in the industry space, and are passionate about breaking the mold and ensuring our company takes a progressive approach to ensure equal opportunity throughout the organization. 

We value excellence, empathy, and integrity in order to build the right team to achieve our goals, and uphold the same values when providing solutions to our partners and customers. 


As pioneers of innovation, technology is a key driver of how we operate our business, not only in the field, but throughout our entire operation. We identify technology that allows us the ability to better protect our clients, increase operational efficiencies, and streamline processes to lower cost and exposures to our clients across industries. 

Much like how we utilize fleets of autonomous cleaning robots, we use software tools to optimize and manage our organization. Get Clean partners with EPAY Systems, MTC Pro, and Cleantelligent to provide a variety of solutions specializing in the janitorial space. By utilizing various integrated software tools, our team can effectively mitigate risks, stay up to code with labor compliance, maintain a vibrant and competitive workforce, and provide our customers and employees peace of mind.

  • e-Onboarding
  • Background checks & employee management
  • Automated communication
  • Annual training (GHS/ERTK, Compliance, etc.)
  • HR data reporting & analytics

Safety is our priority

Safety is a founding principal of our organization, for our people, our partners, and our customers. We understand the importance of the role janitorial services play in the current climate, and as the first line of defense against disease we take our position as keepers of public safety very seriously. 

We partner with some of the most innovative organizations in the world to ensure we are using the best chemicals and technologies at their disposal to maintain a safe community. Between the utilization of EPA approved chemicals and autonomous robotic solutions, we do all we can to leverage technology to uphold safety standards.

As technology pioneers and janitorial experts we are committed to finding the best solutions to serve our community. 


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